Cuenca Expat Services

Serving Visitors And Expats In The Greater Cuenca Area

Noshy Pinos

Whether you speak Spanish or not, we can definitely make your journey to Ecuador much easier

We also provide many other services which can be found on our additional services page

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Cuenca, Ecuador

Who we are

Cuenca Expat is a service company dedicated to making your settlement into the Cuenca area trouble free. We also help visitors to become familiar with the Cuenca area.

We provide all services that you would require to make your transition a smooth and hassle free. Our main service is helping you obtain the necessary documents needed to become a resident of Ecuador.


Being new to Cuenca, you will need someone

with experience who can help you

  • Get safely from the airport?
  • Find a good place to live?
  • Take a taxi? or bus?
  • Get utilities turned on?
  • Get a cell phone?
  • Get the internet installed?
  • Open a bank account?
  • Introduction to the "mercado" and supermarket?
  • Find the right stores?
  • Find household items?
  • Find your way around?
  • Learn about the culture?
  • Get medical assistance?
  • Ask for help?

Sometimes, a friend to help you is JUST what you need!