Cuenca Expat Services

Serving Visitors And Expats In The Greater Cuenca Area

Noshy Pinos

Our Services Include But Are Not Limited To:

                                                                Visa and Cédula Service - When you move to Ecuador your first step

                                                                after settling in is to obtain your Visa and Cédula. See Visa/Cédula                                                                                     page for more information and pricing.

                                                                Airport Pickup - Most of our clients fly into Cuenca or Guayaquil and we                                                                         can arrange airport pickup. If you need to be picked up in Quito or                                                                                   anywhere else in Ecuador we can arrange that too.
                                                                Local A&I (Accompaniment and/or Interaction) - When you move to a                                                                             new country and city, especially if you do not speak the language or Spanish                                                                   is your second language, you will need help finding your way around and                                                                       understanding the culture. Cuenca Expat is here to help you. We have lived                                                                     in the Cuenca area for nearly 50 years, so we know our way around and with                                                                 whom to talk to. For example you may need help with Shopping, Setting Up                                                                   Utilities, Phone Calls to Spanish Speakers, Banking, Insurance, Health                                                                               Services, Internet Connection, Bill Paying, and the many who, how, and                                                                           where questions and problems that you will need to deal with.

Bus & Taxi Survival Course - When you arrive in Cuenca you will need to know how our transportation system works. The main mode of transportation you will utilize is buses or taxis. We can help you understand the system and which is the best mode of transportation for where you want to go.

Restaurant Information - There are many good restaurants in Cuenca. We can provide you with those that are above average and identify those you should avoid.

Spanish Lessons - The official language of Ecuador is Spanish. We provide group or one on one training sessions

Cultural Acclimation - To help you adjust to your new way of life, we can teach you our history, our traditions and our customs. Understanding the way Ecuadorians live is necessary for a successful transition.

Getting Your Required Documents - Besides your Visa and Cédula, you may require other documents such as a will, real estate deeds, apartment rental contracts, driver license, etc. We provide accurate translation so that you have a thorough understanding of what you are signing.

Cell Phones - One of the first things you will need is a cellphone. We can recommend the best company to use and walk you through the various plans or prepayment.

City Tours - We can provide you a tour of your new home. Explain the history and show you the different parts of the city.

Housing - When you arrive we will have already found you temporary housing based on your specifications. We will then work with you to find you a permanent residence.

Services - If you require certain services such as an attorney, containers, bringing a pet, medical help, buying and registering a car, etc. We will be more than happy to work with you and find what you need.

Other - If you do not see what you need on this list, email us at and we will see if we can do it or if not, we will find someone who can.


Pricing for the above services are calculated on an hourly basis as shown in the table below.

Daytime: (Mon-Fri) 8 - 6 pm ........ $15.00/hr

Evening: (Mon-Fri) 6 - 9 pm ........ $15.00/hr

Saturday: 8:00 - 6 pm ................. $15.00/hr

After hours ................................... $18.00/hr

Service w/car & Driver.................$20.00/hr (M-F)

                                                           $25.00/hr (Sat. and Holidays)

Please Note: taxi, bus, or van charges, where applicable, are extra.

A minimum charge of $15 applies to any service.

Please note: cancellation of an appointment is required 24 hours in advance. Less than 24 hour notice will be billed at $20.

Spanish Lessons:

Noshy is one of the BEST Spanish teachers in the city. She taught language in the public school system and has helped many new residents to become proficient in Spanish. She provides her Spanish lessons in your home. This convenient and comfortable "in home" way of learning Spanish eliminates your travel time, and expense. Lesson price is the same as her services - $15/hr.

Please email us for more information on Spanish lessons.