"I am writing to highly recommend Leonor "Noshy" Pinos as a person

able to aid greatly in the process of Visa/Cedulation application.

As a result of the many years which she lived in the United States, her

English is good, and her work ethic is refreshingly "business-like ", to

North American standards.

Her knowledge in this field is extensive, and current as are her contacts

within the government offices involved in the application process.

My rating is 5-star."

-Dr. L Burdge, U S Expat

"It is my pleasure to highly recommend NOSHY PINOS as your new best

friend in Cuenca. Noshy will assist you with housing, shopping, translating,

utilities, opening bank accounts etc. etc. etc. She does it all and does it well.

You will not be disappointed."


"We highly recommend Noshy Pinos. We've used Noshy on a variety of needs for more than 11 months and found her to be honest, caring, punctual, reliable and a tremendous help in getting things done within the Cuenca system. She does everything she says she'll do and sticks with you through the entire process. She will offer advise that helps you make the best decision with what you are trying to accomplish. Most of all you gain peace of mind in a foreign country because she is always willing to help with anything you need, and that is priceless! Anyone considering Noshy, will not be disappointed in her services. She is worth her weight in gold and than some.


-John & Kathy Papile


"Practically from the day we arrived in Cuenca to start our new lives, my wife and I had to rely upon Noshy Pinos and her company, Cuenca New Resident Services. My wife required some immediate medical attention and Noshy came immediately to her aid, taking us to the hospital, discussing the situation with the doctor and making sure someone from her staff remained with us until all the tests were completed. The support and care exhibited by her and her staff were overwhelming.

I mentioned I needed an inexpensive cell phone. Quite unexpectedly, she arrived at our apartment the very next morning with a new cell phone that fit my needs perfectly.

When we needed an interpreter to help us understand a rather unique requirement in order to obtain our cédulas, I called on Noshy. The very next day, she met us at the appropriate offices and spoke with the supervisor about our needs. This was such a great help to us in smoothing the process, and it contributed to our getting our cédulas within 28 days.

I also had the opportunity to witness how Noshy cared for other clients. She is a very warm and personable individual that indeed tries to do the very best for her clients. She is very patient, polite, very kind and a sheer pleasure to work with.

One of the rules we adopted to ensure success in our transition was to surround ourselves with good people who are more experienced and smarter than ourselves. We sought very early on to build a team. Fortunately, Noshy and her staff were a major part of that team. As a result, our transition was smooth, uneventful and very successful. My wife and I feel we will always owe Noshy a debt of deep gratitude for her help. We not only recommend her, we suggest you seriously consider her services. For us, they were of priceless value."

-Paul and Anita Wolf

"Noshy Pinos possesses a portfolio of talents that makes her uniquely qualified to assist expats in their journey to become permanent residents of Ecuador. I found her to be warm, kind and empathetic while competent and well connected.

She located a perfect temporary residence for me while I was still in the States, and then proceeded to assist me through the visa and Cédula process.

Put her knowledge and contacts to work for you for the smoothest path to residency."

-Joe Young

"Before coming to Cuenca I had done my homework. I knew essentially what part of the city in which I wanted to live and had a local contact person–a well-respected gringo who had lived in Cuenca for years–lined up to help me find an apartment. The day before I arrived my local contact person emailed saying he had to return to the United States for a family medical emergency. “Not to worry, though” he wrote, “I know the perfect person for you to contact when you arrive. Her name is Leonor Pinos, but she goes by Noshy.”

Partly because of the recommendation, but mostly due to the short notice and few other options, I did contact Noshy once I arrived in Cuenca. And now, more than 17 months later, I have never regretted that decision. Noshy has been an invaluable and constant resource. A partial list of the things Noshy was instrumental in helping me to achieve:

–Locating an apartment and negotiating a monthly rent $25/month less than the landlord wanted to charge.

–Translating the rental agreement legal document to make sure I was not being taken advantage of.

-Accompanying me on outings to purchase furniture and appliances for the new apartment. I estimate that Noshy was able to save me approximately $400 through her tenacious ability to negotiate better prices.

–Successfully navigating me through every step of the complex permanent residency visa process. Yes, I am now the proud owner of a Cédula and in large part the thanks goes to Noshy!

–Through our many hours together working on the above “projects” Noshy was a constant, gentle, font of knowledge and wisdom regarding the cultural differences and language barriers; always supportive and thoughtful in her words, never arrogant or condescending.

Though my life is much more settled and far less stressful than those first few months, I remain in close touch with Noshy and her family. Today I count her as one of my dearest friends in this beautiful country I now enjoy thinking of as home."


"My wife and I would highly recommend the services of Cuenca New Resident Services. You will find Leonor "Noshy" Pinos to be knowledgeable in all aspects in making a transition to Cuenca a smooth one.

The services offered are extensive and if she doesn't know the answer to your question she will find one. Beyond the service provided you will find someone who cares personally about you and what your needs are.

There are many who offer services in Cuenca, but you will not find anyone who cares as much about you and that you can trust. Noshy is a thoughtful, compassionate, competent person who has extensive contacts in the Cuenca area. We can't begin to list everything Noshy has helped us with and as an added bonus you get the help of her partner in life, Alfredo. Without his help and patience in our initial visit we probably would not be here. Finally, in addition to all they have done for us we would like to add that they are friends in the true sense of the word."

-Dave & Phyllis May

"My husband and I have been in EC for just over a week now. It is our first trip here. Our relationship with Noshy Pinos began while we were still at home in Michigan. Noshy helped arrange lodging and transportation from Guayaquil to Cuenca. She also booked lodging for our first week in Cuenca. Because we don't speak much Spanish yet, I felt more comfortable with her making these arrangements. Since we've been here, she's been an invaluable resource for information related to a possible move to Cuenca, as well as just getting around town, showing us markets, getting a cell phone, and so forth. Because she lives here, she knows people who can facilitate discounted purchases, container shipping, etc. Noshy has a wealth of information to

share, but the best recommendation I can give is that she is a wonderful, open-hearted woman who has quickly become a dear friend."

-N. J.

"I can highly recommend NOSHY PINOS as being honest and hard working. I have her as my Spanish teacher since I moved to Cuenca 2 years ago. She comes to my apartment to teach, which is very convenient.

She helps newcomers with their paperwork for visas and Cédulas and sticks with them until they have all the required documents. A very nice, compassionate lady."

-Margit DiPietro

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